Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carmen Suleiman - Arab Idol 2012

الأكيد في رأيي الشخصي أن كارمن سليمان من مصرهي التي كانت تستحق لقب أرب ايدول..

إذا أردت المقارنة بين الصوتين.. دنيا صوت قوي يمتلك قدرات قوية جداً لكنه يفتقد الإحساس في رأيي لذلك يمكنني أن أعتبرها  من الأصوات التي تؤدي فقط!! هذه الخبرة الكبيرة من الممكن لأصوات أخرى جميلة أن تنميها بممارسة الغناء والخضوع لتمرينات غنائية.. "بس مو اي صوت لأنه صوتها ماشالله وايد قوي"...

كارمن تختلف عن دنيا أنها موهبه أكثر من أداء.. إحساس رائع جداً تغني بكل هدوء أغاني لعمالقة مثل ام كلثوم بأدائها الراقي والمؤثر.

من أروع ما غنت كارمن في أرب أيدول 3>

انت عمري لأم كلثوم

How to make a nice lion mask

سهل وحلووو 3>

Friday, March 23, 2012

What do u think? :P

Thats Why I Don't Like To Deal With IT People..

I have a great respect for IT people BUT I always say I don’t like to deal with them.. why??

This thought came to me from our IT team at work :) and other companies who i requested projects from them..

Dealing with IT people makes me feel irritated and mad because of their lack of concern. Those people have mastered in skill  of argument so they can convince that their ideas are always the best; they never respect the debate or they listen properly. just talking, talking and talking.. ignore everything else and think they are the only oversmart and genius!!! :P

of course I don’t have their knowledge.. i majored in accounting, working in marketing and PR field so I’m not expert in IT, at the same time I’m not that much "este3aab less" person.. I’m sure if they try to listen what others are saying and asking for, they will understand exactly our request..

before almost 2 years and half, I requested a statistics system from our IT team, we had meetings, discussed and they asked me to email them all the required information for that, I sent...

SHOCKED... after 3 months they provided us something different from what we requested!! ok maybe I explained the system tasks in unprofessional way but i sent them a detailed email with all the requirement data.. I’m wondering if they read my email or not?!!! I know their excuse: "we are so busy" ee mo ga3deen tekteshfoon eltharra... ;P

Hello IT people plz don't hake my blog. I LOVE U ALL :P

I have another experience with IT companies, I’ll post about it soon...

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth

I know I'm using this word "amazing" too much, but this video is really amaaaazing... I love how they play with one guitar!! Simple ideas can be more attractive and creative.. ;)

Now and then I think of when we were together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
I told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember

Friday, March 16, 2012


 I saw this video on a friend's profile,, simply amaaazing!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kuwait's first 3D gaming competition

Hello game lovers,, 

I am really very excited to participate in one of the exclusive 3D gaming competition; the thing which I like also is; it is based on teams :) , this event is organized by Best United Electronics which will be held at Best Al-Rai store.

Actually I want to briefly share with you how the competition will be arranged. The gaming duration is 5 weeks, on a weekly basis, the 5th week is the final championship competition. in every week 32 teams will be participating, each team should consist of 4 players... 

First week: 22nd of March (6pm to 9pm)
Second week: 29th of March (6pm to 9pm)
Third week: 5th of April (6pm to 9pm)
Fourth week: 12th of April (6pm to 9pm)

for more information click here

Let's see my discovery about the games specially this is my first experience in video gaming :$

 this is the gaming area 
Blog Laish and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi ... 
enjoy the game...
 Omar and Mshari from 4rocknrollers blog
7ad.hom mendamjeen...

This is my time,, nobody was there.. honestly speaking i waited all to leave so i can play "ebra7ti" :P i have zero experience in video games even i have no idea how to start...

So i need HELP.. i asked for help to start the game... and el7amdellah reach something, see below if you don't believe me :P

chenna ethb7oni?!!!