Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kuwait's first 3D gaming competition

Hello game lovers,, 

I am really very excited to participate in one of the exclusive 3D gaming competition; the thing which I like also is; it is based on teams :) , this event is organized by Best United Electronics which will be held at Best Al-Rai store.

Actually I want to briefly share with you how the competition will be arranged. The gaming duration is 5 weeks, on a weekly basis, the 5th week is the final championship competition. in every week 32 teams will be participating, each team should consist of 4 players... 

First week: 22nd of March (6pm to 9pm)
Second week: 29th of March (6pm to 9pm)
Third week: 5th of April (6pm to 9pm)
Fourth week: 12th of April (6pm to 9pm)

for more information click here

Let's see my discovery about the games specially this is my first experience in video gaming :$

 this is the gaming area 
Blog Laish and Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi ... 
enjoy the game...
 Omar and Mshari from 4rocknrollers blog
7ad.hom mendamjeen...

This is my time,, nobody was there.. honestly speaking i waited all to leave so i can play "ebra7ti" :P i have zero experience in video games even i have no idea how to start...

So i need HELP.. i asked for help to start the game... and el7amdellah reach something, see below if you don't believe me :P

chenna ethb7oni?!!!

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