Friday, March 23, 2012

Thats Why I Don't Like To Deal With IT People..

I have a great respect for IT people BUT I always say I don’t like to deal with them.. why??

This thought came to me from our IT team at work :) and other companies who i requested projects from them..

Dealing with IT people makes me feel irritated and mad because of their lack of concern. Those people have mastered in skill  of argument so they can convince that their ideas are always the best; they never respect the debate or they listen properly. just talking, talking and talking.. ignore everything else and think they are the only oversmart and genius!!! :P

of course I don’t have their knowledge.. i majored in accounting, working in marketing and PR field so I’m not expert in IT, at the same time I’m not that much "este3aab less" person.. I’m sure if they try to listen what others are saying and asking for, they will understand exactly our request..

before almost 2 years and half, I requested a statistics system from our IT team, we had meetings, discussed and they asked me to email them all the required information for that, I sent...

SHOCKED... after 3 months they provided us something different from what we requested!! ok maybe I explained the system tasks in unprofessional way but i sent them a detailed email with all the requirement data.. I’m wondering if they read my email or not?!!! I know their excuse: "we are so busy" ee mo ga3deen tekteshfoon eltharra... ;P

Hello IT people plz don't hake my blog. I LOVE U ALL :P

I have another experience with IT companies, I’ll post about it soon...


  1. lama el nas tetkalem 3ala project wa7ed w te2ool en el IT kolhom !!!!!!! ma 3aleen

    maybe el moshkela el IT team ely 3andek 3alashan ABC IT project 7aga esmha phase testeing each step from the project must be tested many times and there is QOS w fee w fee w fee laken never ever 7ad ya5od your needs w yedeek final project take it and use it.

    7aram 3alekoo maletoo el balad :D:D:D:D

  2. Anonymous, elmoshkela enna ohma makanaw rathen yefhmon e7na shno nabi!!!
    wo lamma e3refaw.. shno sawaw?? wala shay... :$