Sunday, October 2, 2011

Give, Gifts

I will not say Q8Rain and me, I will say "we" start our "GIVE" campaign, and our thinking in the start to reach the 70 gifts for the first kids cancer party, but we reached more & more el7amdellah.. I believe this is because of YOU...

The "Give" of  My Colleague, Nabil

The "Give" of BlogNoura

The "Give" of  N. Al-Sabah

The "Give" of SoloPizza
@dhuwail & @bujack

The "Give" of  Ali 

The "Give" of Anonymous

The "Give" of Jumanah Al-Awadhi

The "Give" of TripleSisters

The "Give" of  Anonymous

The "Give" of Danderma & FourMe

The "Give" of Shesalfa

The "Give" of 7abitain Blog

The "Give" of Anonymous Noura

The "Give" of  Rwa'6at Sager Al-reshoud 
Abla Noura

The "Give" of Batoul

The "Give" of  Nezar

The "Give" of  WajdAl-Sabah

The "Give" of  Anonymous Blogger

The "Give" of  Qortuba Valley

The "Give" of Q8Blend

The "Give" of  Moody N Cheeky

The "Give" of Hind

The "Give" of  3ateeja Blog

P.S this post will be updated once receiving new Gifts :)

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