Thursday, November 29, 2012

I want to be Healthy!!

Taiba Hospital start their first Instagram competition on their official account @TaibaHospital. The main purpose of this competition is to spread awareness about healthy habits and staying fit.

"Participants will have to post a picture showing their healthy lifestyle, whether it’s a picture of a healthy plate, doing your daily work out, or a random picture of your healthy grocery list! It can be anything"

I like the Idea, and want to participate "wa beqowwa" :)

I'm trying to find something healthy i do it in my daily life but unfortunately I couldn't!! I really have no healthy habits in my daily routine :/

I hate almost all kind of sports, spending holidays sleeping, eating whatever i want regardless if its healthy or not.. But i think that the only good habit i have is eating fruits and vegetables on daily basis. 

Taiba instargram competition makes me think seriously about healthy habits...

Any way here are some details about the competition.. tomorrow is the last day to participate!!

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