Monday, October 31, 2011

Give @ Aware Arabian Cultural Exhibition

We are invited as “Give” by Aware Center to attend the “Aware Arabian Cultural Exhibition & Information Fair”.

These exhibitions are for the people who living in Kuwait and want to better understand the culture of the Arabs and Muslims or are searching for a cultural souvenir/gift, it is a great place to get started.  Sample the local cuisine, shop for a cultural gift or souvenir, meet the Kuwaitis, register for an Arabic Language Course, find out about weekly Diwaniyas, Cultural Orientation Courses, Cultural tours and outings & ways to become involved in the local community.  Discover more of Kuwait & what it has to offer!

Fahad with his camels

so many books shows the life in Kuwait

This guy dressed in traditional Kuwaiti attire, but I think he must wear Dishdasha ;S Any way he is looking cute, correct? ;P

I like :)

Thanks to Aware Center for the invitation to attend this exhibition, it was very nice :) 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exclusive: "YAMA" at BEST United Electronics

I was invitated to the pre opening of  BEST United Electronics to take pictures with "YAMA" at their new Rai showroom .. and it was exclusive to me ;D

"YAMA" he is the heaviest Japanese Human, he is around 300 Kg!!! Don't miss it, he will be at Best showroom - Rai on this Monday 31.10.2011

For more information follow them on their Twitter account or Facebook page

My picture.. coool ;) what about you??
Thanks to BEST United Electronics Team :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are you a doctor??

Are you a doctor? Looking to be a doctor? Or need a doctor?
If yes then buy this T-shirt  from Topshop :P reminds me of the song “I need a doctor”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Knitted Food!!

I saw this amazing art in this issue of styles magazine, for the artist Ed Bing Lee who has been perfecting this art for over 25 years.
Delicious looking, hmmm.. I want the burger for lunch :P how about you??

Zain in Pink!!

As usual Zain continue their support to the community, and this time its for the Breast Cancer


zain's building in pink :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

YouTube Space Lab - What Will You Do?

YouTube Space Lab, launching with Lenovo and Space Adventures in cooperation with NASA, ESA and JAXA. a competition for the students to come up with an idea for a science experiment that can be conducted in space, upload a video explaining it to YouTube by December 7, 2011.

The prizes for the winners: ZERO-G flights, Lenovo IdeaPad laptops and your choice of either a trip to Tanegashima Island, Japan, to watch your experiment blast off in a rocket bound for the ISS, OR once you’re 18 a one-of-a-kind astronaut training experience in Star City, Russia.

Yesterday, Yanni in Chengdu, China !!

The Chengdu Panda (in China) invited Yanni to become the adopted father and give the name for a recently born baby Giant Panda. Yanni is the first western artist to be honored with this gift. 

Yanni said to an audience, media and supporters of the Panda Center in Chengdu: “It is with a great sense of responsibility to the people of China and the Panda that I accept this marvelous gift”.

"Until the last moment" my fav, enjoy it :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elie Saab, Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show

Simple designs with more elegant come out of Paris Fashion Week by Ellie Saab "one of my favorite fashion designers" <3

Online Toys Store in Kuwait

موقع لشراء الألعاب مع خدمة التوصيل في الكويت.. بعد " تعبثي" في الموقع وجدته يحتوي على مجموعة حلوة من الألعاب لأعمار مختلفة للأطفال.. بأسعار مناسبة ومتنوعة

تتوفر لديهم مجموعة العاب تعليمية، الكترونية، لاسلكية، للبحر, الحديقة وألبسه تنكرية.
وهذا موقعهم: 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

When I Need You

There is a personal space deep inside us we don't like to share it, don't like to let it show, even with the closest person

We have unspoken words NEED to be understood, NEED to feel appreciated, cared for and loved..

To my family and friends, i love you  :)

Online Photo Printing

I visited Q8Printer company to pick up the Polo Tees which they offered for us as a sponsorship for "Give" campaign .

i like their place its so comfortable...

Then we start talking about Q8Printer. A company specialized in printing pictures on a quality material in any sizes required. They have been in this field for more than 3 years.

What you have to do is only to send the picture by uploading to their website and delivery will be within 24 hours.

And for photographer, they can sell their photos by displaying them on the website, once sold the amount will be deposited in your account.

Also they print different sizes of boxes and stickers

Then i went to the workshop, to see how they are printing the logo on the tees.. amazing job mashallah

I like their business card concept, creative.. its made by the material which they use to print the photo..

Thanks to Mr. Abdullatif Al-Maian, he was very friendly :) This is their website and FB page if you want to know more about them..