Monday, October 31, 2011

Give @ Aware Arabian Cultural Exhibition

We are invited as “Give” by Aware Center to attend the “Aware Arabian Cultural Exhibition & Information Fair”.

These exhibitions are for the people who living in Kuwait and want to better understand the culture of the Arabs and Muslims or are searching for a cultural souvenir/gift, it is a great place to get started.  Sample the local cuisine, shop for a cultural gift or souvenir, meet the Kuwaitis, register for an Arabic Language Course, find out about weekly Diwaniyas, Cultural Orientation Courses, Cultural tours and outings & ways to become involved in the local community.  Discover more of Kuwait & what it has to offer!

Fahad with his camels

so many books shows the life in Kuwait

This guy dressed in traditional Kuwaiti attire, but I think he must wear Dishdasha ;S Any way he is looking cute, correct? ;P

I like :)

Thanks to Aware Center for the invitation to attend this exhibition, it was very nice :) 

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  1. Fro these such exhibitions we can promote our culture. A good step by Pakistani Govt. to arrange cultural tours in Pakistan in order to promote tourism and culture.