Monday, September 12, 2011

Power Sentences - Tagged

And this time I was tagged from the lovely with summer love. I like her tag subject "power sentences use to describe the important events that happened that month" to be memorized.

hmmm,, last month I did not do much things but I will start :D 

Auguest 2011

- enjoyed Ramadan atmosphere

- my friend birthday 

- received so many gifts from friends and family without occasion, thats sweet ;)

- I don't like having F6or outside but this Ramadan I went out 3 times (Enjaz) :P and was amazing :)

- I lost weight (5 kilos) and that make me so sad :(

- busy with a lot of business thoughts, wish me luck ;) 

Thanks a lot  with summer love  for the tag :D very cool idea,, and now I will tag Bero0Q8, Q8Rain, Froyonation, Fried_Junk, newq8bride, OmarVlogable


  1. I'm really glad you liked it!! and thank you for replying to my tag;p I'm going to do another one for next month!

  2. Nice answers Iyaa :**
    and thanks for tagging me..
    i'll post about it soon inshallah