Saturday, June 4, 2011

John Hedgecoe

During my messy search in my mom’s library for a fashion designing book, I found another interesting “photography” book written by John Hedgecoe, and as my old habit I start browsing the book from the end till the beginning but I found as interesting book and I decide to start over but this time from the start till the end not reverse :D

The book talks about  photography and its basics. Also there is many ideas and advices on how to capture a good photos and how its should be taken.. then I start googling about the Author who's he as I have no idea about photography world, I just like taking picture without knowing of the basics :S

Google search: John Hedgecoe (24 March 1932 till 3 June 2010) was an award-winning British photographer and the best-selling author of over 30 books on photography. He established the photography in 1965 at the The Royal College of Art, where he was Professor from 1975 to 1994 and was Professor Emeritus until his death. His Photographs appear in permanent
collections at the New York Museum of Modern Art and London's National Portrait Gallery.

I return back to the book and I think I need to read it again and again :)

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