Saturday, June 18, 2011

New flavor of "Mini Delights"

I saw an ad on newspaper that Mini Delights released new flavor (fruits) of their amazing cheese cakes so I went to Mini Delights (Khaldiya branch) to try it.

And as always my passion goes to "Oreo" then I decided to get all... I could not stop myself from waiting till I back to home and eat.. "maybe my sisters will share it with me" :P

Ohhh.. my mouth keep watering and watering... I start eating them one by one

"Oreo" my favorite
Yummmy.. the fruits flavor is so tasty you have to try it but I'm still admire with "Oreo" ♥ also they have many kinds of flavors:

1. Cheese Cakes (30 flavors) caramel, blueberry, cappuccino, cherry, pistachio... etc  
2. Chocolate Cheese Cakes (3 flavors)  
3. Cookies (4 flavors) 
4. Kanafa (4 flavors) and 
5. Fruit Cakes (Recently Added. Flavors depending on availability of fruits)

Mini Delights has branches in Khaldiya, Qurain, Salmiya, Mangaf, Jahra and Abu Halifa (Recently Opened).
Delivery Line 1822008,
Delivery Charge 500 Fills,

As per the 'MINI' concept, the items are Mini (small) sized.

Well, let's see the next flavor, maybe Green Tea??

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