Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yesterday we went to 52 degree for lunch with my colleagues Ms. Rainy and Mrs. H. :) 

H and I deiced to have our lunch from BAKED, guyzzzz im in love with their food , service, and atmosphere. Rainy wants to take photo shot of the restaurant but she forgot her camera (meskeena :P) because my mobile has a higher resolution camera i start taking photos instead of her.. (After she takes their permission)..

When we were going back to the office i was thinking of post a subject about this amazing restaurant BUT Rainy Warning me that its not allowed to publish anything before her or she will kill me :P so she gave me the permission to post one photo, eheheheh.

i will only post these photos ;D


  1. eheheh 3afya el sha6ra , it's not allowed to post anything before me wela ma awadeekom marah thanya ehheh

  2. loooooooooool 7ather 3ammety :Pp